Testimonial: Why ASE was the Right Fit for Me

Hi! My name is Laura, and I am a licensed clinical professional counselor that focuses on couples and family therapy and a member of the ASE. After a few years of working at a hospital, I decided to take my therapy career to the next level and open my own practice.  

It was really overwhelming at first, trying to navigate starting a new business and attracting a clientele. I knew that I wanted to be downtown, as it was an easy place for most of my clients to travel to, but when I started looking at office spaces to rent, I immediately became disheartened. Most of the spaces were way out of my price range, or so high that I would have to greatly increase my fees to clients to pay for the rent. I also would need to spend money renovating the space to make it feel more like a therapist’s office. Additionally, the main front lobby looked more like it belonged to a hedge fund company, which I knew would make my clients uneasy.  

Right when I was about to give up, a fellow counselor recommended ASE. It fit exactly what I needed. As a member, I could get a great office space to meet with my clients that could also double as an office to take notes and do other work. The lobby to the space was bright and open, offering clients water and coffee before they came into my office. Also, it was located downtown near public transportation, making it very easy for me to give them directions. But that wasn’t all that I loved about ASE. I would also be working aside some great therapists who I could go to incase I came across a situation I wasn’t sure I knew how to handle. And, being so close downtown, allowed me to find new clients and build my business.  

My practice wouldn’t be in existence without ASE, and I couldn’t recommend co-working space enough!