What is communal working space? And why do you need it?

Communal working, or co-working, spaces are popping up all over the country. They are the hippest way to work, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have a small staff.  

Co-working spaces are often large spaces that rent out desks, meeting areas, and other office space to individuals who are work from home, contractors, or self-employed. The co-working spaces are self-directed and allow people the options to customize their own office-working time while connecting with likeminded individuals, which can turn into potential customers. One of the best things about these co-working spaces is that they also come with some of the same perks as an office – such as a cafeteria, printing and photo copying equipment, and gyms – but allow renters to pick their own hours as best fits their schedules. Co-working spaces are a great alternative to coffee shops, home offices, and other public areas. Plus, co-working spaces tend to be modernly decorated, located in active urban areas, and host a wide-range of events that may be of interest to its clients.  

Counselors and therapists working on their own need a private space to meet with their clients. For some, they have an appropriate space in their home, but for others, they must rent out an office. This can be quite expensive for those starting their own practice, and often times these spaces are not inviting or warm for their clients. That’s where ILCTC comes in.  

ILCTC is a co-op that allows likeminded therapists and licensed counselors to come together to create an ideal therapeutic environment while managing their own businesses. A participating member of the co-op pays for the meeting room but is then also able to offer her patients a relaxing lobby area with snacks and resources on varying aspects of therapy.  

We also come together to host events for our clients, such as seminars on nutrition and mental health, grief support groups, and LGBTQ community meetings. And, because this is a respectful space, there is no competition between therapists. Rather, as a co-op member, you will be able to connect with the other therapists in the office, using them as a guide and resource for your own practice.  

Starting your own practice can be hard enough, but you should have to struggle to find a place or go into debt paying the rent. ILCTC is here to help you get your business off the ground and give your clients a calming and enriching experience.